A Goat Can become Healthcare

One goat can save a life.  In a country where Healthcare is not a right and people die if they can't pay for their healthcare, it is important to have a source of income.  

Without the Wider Hearts project this man and his family would not be able to get the healthcare that they needed.  

Help save a life by donating a goat!

Inagri's Success Story

One goat can empower, bring hope, and help a whole village become self-sufficient.  Inagri and her village were given goats a few years ago by the Wider Hearts Foundation and from those goats they have been able to start other entrepreneurial projects that have helped them become a self-sufficient village.  

During our visit we were able to purchase some hand made mats from the women, please click below and support them by purchasing a mat.

Wider Hearts Goat Giving Ceremony 2018

Giving goats to a new village in Kamuli, Uganda during our 2018 trip.  It was inspiring to see the hope and dreams on people's faces.  All because of a goat!

Wider Heart's Story

Meet Sam!  He is our Ugandan CEO for Wider Hearts and does all the foot work for our projects in Uganda.  Listen to his amazing experiences with the villages which we support.